WAX Project Highlight — Green Rabbit Game

What is Green Rabbit?

Green Rabbit is an NFT staking game that focuses on creative ways to earn passive income. Players own digital NFT flash drives that enable them to store NFT’s. Each of these drives has a capacity limit (RAB-BITS) that fills up when a certain limit is reached. The more storage, the higher the price…most likely. It feels just like real life! However, you may get lucky and find a cheap flash drive with a ton of storage on a WAX NFT marketplace. You can find flash drives on Atomichub.io and they can be purchased using WAXP.

Flash Drive NFT’s on AtomicHub

Green Rabbit has an in game currency called Shellinium that is rewarded to anyone staking NFT’s inside of their flash drives. Shellinium chests containing different amounts can also be purchased on AtomicHub.io. This currency gives fans access to the HODL Shellinium nVenom fan club. nVenom is one of the creators of Green Rabbit and is a well known figure in the ecosystem. Shellinium holders will be divided into tiers based on the amount they generate. The max tier, also known as “Big Baller-HODLer”, gives you tons of cool interactive prizes. A stakeable NFT that generates 10,000 Shellinium an hour is just one example included in the package!


To generate Shillinium, players first need to purchase Green Rabbit packs or Green Rabbit NFT’s on the secondary market. Buying a pack will allow you to pull random minted and random rarity specified NFT’s. All these can be accessed on any WAX marketplace using the WAX Cloud Wallet.

But wait! There’s more! In addition to owning and staking your NFT’s, you will soon have an option to craft NFT’s as well. Players can craft together NFT’s and start building out anima-armor. In order to craft the armor, players must collect the corresponding pieces. Appropriate materials will have to be purchased with Shellinium from the Materials Depot for each of the six components; Boots, Gloves, Arms, Chest, Pants, and Helmet.

As the game continues to grow, the team will be adding more features. Plans for a base defense mode and a P2P mode could be implemented around early 2022. If you would like to see the project’s Green Paper to learn more please visit https://www.greenrabbitgame.io/assets/Green_Rabbit_Greenpaper_V1.2.2.pdf

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