WAX Guild — BlokCrafters Month of November Development Overview

Hello WAX Community, we are back with our month in review for November 2021 :)

  • BlokCrafters WAX Infrastructure Update
  • BlokCrafters WAX Content Creation
  • BlokCrafters WAX tools and products we are building and have built
  • BlokCrafters WAX Strategic business partnerships


Many things were happening this month, some notable points were adding infrastructure for:

  • New Elastic Search Server for our Hyperion cluster
  • New Ship (State History node) Server
  • New dedicated Snapshot Server
  • New dedicated Server specific for Hyperion on Testnet

WAX Content Creation

Links below

Project Highlights

WAX Tutorials & Guides

Project Interviews + Useful resources

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Building Update


We are pleased to announce we have officially released MyNifties WAX NFT portfolio tracker! you can visit our website to download the app and begin tracking the value of you WAX NFTs https://mynifties.io/ or you can download the app here :)

NFTOrigins.io Update


over the last 30 days we have successfully launched TangibleNFTs Series 1 vIRL NFTs on WAX. This projects goal aimed to create first of its kind vIRL NFTs & we can say we have done just that. This project is unique because we use NeftyBlocks Blending contract to have people open packs combine NFTs to then create vIRL NFTs. If you want to take a look at how it works check this out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXgPyDXyq2E

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Collection Links

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BlokCrafters WAX Guild Produces Blocks on WAX Public Blockchain.

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proxy account: kaefersproxy

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