Topps Launch Success, new WAX Markets places & WAX Council

Topps Major Success

Earlier this year Topps has announced they are releasing Garbage Pail Kids collectibles on the WAX blockchain. Topps first series of trading cards and collectibles have sold out of its first release of digital Garbage Pail Kids trading cards using the WAX blockchain, this happened within 28 hours after the release. This really is a great milestone in blockchain history showcasing the demand for NFTs on the WAX blockchain.

The GPK cards vary in rarity tiers

  • Tier 1 is the the most common its called Base.
  • Tier 2 is called Prism implying those are more Uncommon.
  • Tier 3 is referred to as Sketch and these are considered Rare.
  • The last Tier, Tier 4 is called Collector’s Edition and these are super rare cards with special animations.

Every single card is certified authentic and immutable. Users can begin trading cards instantly and free as well as exploring the trading history and ownership of other GPK cards!

Why did Topps choose WAX?

Topps chose WAX because the WAX blockchain is the most convenient and safe way to create and trade virtual items to anyone anywhere around the globe instantly and securely.

If you missed out on the flash sale of the card packs, do not worry! You can still buy cards on secondary markets like & Just log in with your WAX cloud wallet to get started. If you have cards and would like to sell them, click My Assets and enter you price in WAX tokens and click sell. Its as easy as that. When that card is sold you will receive the funds and they will receive the card.

How do digital GPK cards actually work as unique trading cards?

Topps GPK collectible trading card series utilizes the WAX NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens. Meaning that each GPK card has its own unique ID on the blockchain verifying that it is unique to the public.

What are NFTs?

In a nutshell an NFT is a token which represents a unique object. On the contrary, Fungible Tokens are the average tokens you see used for trading crypto-currencies which are identical to one another considering it is the same network. They have been used before in the rapidly successful Dapp released on the Etheruem network called Crypto Kitties in Q4 2017 which inevitably clogged the Ethereum network.

But now with tools such as WAX Cloud Wallet and secondary markets like or, WAX blockchain makes viewing and trading NFTs a fast easy and fun process for the average trader or collector.

An NFT can serve as many different types of assets ranging from physical goods to property and educational merits. The most important principle of NFTs is that it brings originality to each token (NFT) with the security provided by the decentralized WAX blockchain.

if you would like to learn more about NFTs (non fungible tokens) on WAX check out this article from EOS amsterdam here

WAX Market Places

Were you wanting to purchase the Card Packs and missed out on the flash sale?

That is perfectly fine, you can still purchase GPK cards on the secondary markets, there is still even some un-opened packs yet to be opened for sale possibly containing collectors edition cards or prisms as well, who knows. Since the launch of the GPK series one we have seen several secondary markets open up shop to fill the needs of the people who want to buy and sell these trading cards.

Simple markets is a secondary market created by the Guild CryptoLions.

You can login to simple markets with your WAX cloud wallet or scatter wallet to begin trading your GPK cards. was one of the first WAX focused market places to go live on WAX.

Sign in methods with your WAX cloud wallet.

Gpk.Market was launched on the same day the GPK trading cards were released. This secondary market was made for trading GPK trading cards, the process for trading on this market is very smooth.

Sign in methods with your WAX cloud wallet.

Collectables is the most recent secondary market to be launched by waxcafeblock who brought us We prefer to use this market because it has a neat feature called “bundle” where you can bundle your cards together to make your own bundle of a pack of cards and sell this way instead of selling each card one at a time. This makes trading more interesting because we can trade 6 prisms for a large price of WAX in a single transaction instead each prism for an average price 6 times. Also has a good amount of volume.

Sign in method with your WAX cloud wallet.

Testimonial of trader making several multiple gains on GPK cards

We think its of value to share a tweet from a person who partook in the sale of the original packs of GPK cards before hitting the secondary markets to show how much opportunity there is with NFTs on the WAX blockchain.

NFT tracking sites for GPK trading cards & other related NFTs

Since the launch of GPK cards there has been a host of coinmarketcap type websites popping up but for NFTs. If you would like a little extra info about your GPK trading cards, the NFT tracking websites listed below provide comprehensive details about your GPK trading cards.

Since the launch of Garbage Pail Kids on the WAX blockchain we have seen so far 3 new market places appear to help people in trading there NFTs. We believe this is just the beginning, the rapid pace of innovation & development of projects on the WAX blockchain is truly amazing to see.

Garbage Pail Kids series 2 — JUNE release

We have word from the community that Topps is planning on releasing a series 2 of the GPK trading cards sometime in June 2020. For how much the series 1 have appreciated in price we are extremely eager to see what series 2 will have in store for the WAX community. Safe to say we will be grabbing whatever we can get our hands on, series 1 sold out in 28 hours. We bet series 2 will sell out on 20 minutes tops!

WAX Advisory Council

WAX has recently announced the creation of the WAX advisory council, this is an organization that will bring together the greatest minds in tech, video gaming, entertainment, and other relevant industries for the sole purpose of accelerating the adoption of WAX blockchain technology. In this article published by the WAX team here they state that these members are from some of the most prestigious global companies on the planet, there role in the advisory counsel is to do just that. The WAX advisory counsel will be offering recommendations & guidance to the WAX team in the areas of each of there own expertise. Since the WAX counsel members will be working so closely with the WAX team, this means the counsel members will come to learn about WAX and all it has to offer the counsel members and we could potentially see WAX be incorporated in some of the counsel members company products.

On Wednesday the 10th of June the WAX team announced there first member to join the WAX advisory council. The first member is Rich Widmann who is product counsel for Google, Rich brings to WAX the expertise of advising Google’s product teams and blockchain initiatives. This is amazing news for the WAX blockchain because it truly puts the WAX blockchain at the forefront so large companies like Google take this blockchain and this community serious enough to want to advise on its growth and development. We are extremely excited to see what comes of this partnership and don’t doubt for a minute that this is just the beginning of a larger picture slowly being played out for all to see.

The word on the street is on every Tuesday there will be a hint given to the WAX community over on the WAX twitter account about the next council member and on Wednesday they will be introducing the new WAX council member. This will be a continuous drop for 10 weeks or so until all members have been introduced.


With all that is happening on WAX from the Topps release of GPK to a bunch of new market places popping up on WAX to series 2 of GPK being released sometime in the month of June to the WAX advisory council onboarding a Rich Widmann from Google and so much more that is to come. It is safe to say we have an action packed year still ahead of us and are so pumped to be apart of such an amazing community with so much talent.

Find us in the community below


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