MyNifties Is Giving Away Over $5,000 in Blockchain Brawlers NFTs to Celebrate Our App Launch!

To celebrate the launch of our App, we wanted to do a fun giveaway daily for 22 days!(Beginning 4/13/22) Which will include 20 Gold NFTs, 1 Scotty Wide Eye and 1 Common Ring from the Blockchain Brawlers NFT collection on WAX. Each day we will give away 1 Gold NFT for 20 days then on the 21st day a Common Ring & finally on the 22nd day 1 Scotty Wide Eye.

How to Enter

Entering is simple. First you need a WAX Cloud Wallet (you can create here)

  1. Download the MyNifties Official app on the Apple app store HERE

2. Open the app and click “Add” and type your WAX Cloud Wallet address. Only the first account added in the app will be eligible for the Giveaway!

and your in! You have entered the giveaway! You don't have to, but feel free to rate the app & leave a review if you are enjoying it. You can also follow us on Twitter



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