WAX Guild — BlokCrafters Month of October Development Overview

Hello WAX Community, we are back with our month in review for October 2021 :)


It was an eventful month for infrastructure here at BlokCrafters. Our…

Hello everyone, we are back with our month in review for September 2021 :)


Our team in the last 30 days have essentially doubled our infrastructure…

Hello everyone, hope the mission to the moon while changing the world one block at a time is going smooth for everyone :)

We want to begin sharing on a monthly basis what our team is up to and where our focus is directed, we do this with the purpose…

What is Green Rabbit?

Green Rabbit is an NFT staking game that focuses on creative ways to earn passive income. Players own digital NFT flash drives that enable them to store NFT’s. Each of these drives has a capacity limit (RAB-BITS) that fills up when a certain limit is reached…

What is the Office Of Inspector General?

The OIG is a watchdog agency for the WAX network staffed by a committee of 3 elected inspector generals (IGs) who publish a rating report ranking the Guilds on a monthly basis.

Among the responsibilities of the OIG is overseeing and ensuring the…

Topps Major Success

Earlier this year Topps has announced they are releasing Garbage Pail Kids collectibles on the WAX blockchain. Topps first series of trading cards and collectibles have sold out of its first release of digital Garbage Pail Kids trading cards using the WAX blockchain, this happened within 28 hours after the…

With the release of the WAX Cloud Wallet playing games and using dApps on the WAX Blockchain has gotten orders of magnitude easier than playing games on EOS using an EOS account. In this article we are going to show you how to fill your WAX account with WAX using…

WAX is growing and making strategic partnerships that will further enable the ability to on-board MORE developers and also aid developers to develop easier and make development more affordable, WAX recently partnered with Chainlink to bring real world data to dapps on the WAX blockchain.


Chainlink is a platform which…

WAX Partners with Topps

True digital ownership is made possible on WAX and is unleashing a new paradigm. Blockchain gaming/trading has great potential with amazing projects such as WAX & ULTRA both competing in the same field to innovate and grow the blockchain gaming ecosystem. …

Here at BlokCrafters we have been steadily pushing and working towards services that we can provide for the community and we have decided to produce a map tool that displays the location of each guilds nodes so that anyone can view the geographical diversity of the WAX Network. This map tool shows the location of the Top 21 and Standby Guilds from information provided on the WAX blockchain.

BlokCrafters is dedicated to providing the WAX ecosystem with useful tools and to be a net positive impact organization for the WAX community.

We have also reworked our website https://blokcrafters.com to show the updated version of our site.

(Block Production map tool)


Find us in the community below

Telegram: t.me/wax_io

Twitter: @blokcrafters @NKerkinni & @brandondickey16


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